CareNet Coffee Club

Please Join CareNet's Coffee Club

We're looking for people who love CareNet and would be willing to scrifice one $5 cup of coffee per week in order to donate $20 per month to CareNet of Okanogan County.

Thank you for joining us

Thank you for joining the CareNet Coffee Club! We are so grateful for your support. Monthly donations are used to support the daily operations of each of our four centers in Omak, Brewster, Oroville and Grand Coulee, including staffing and supply costs, building expenses and maintenance, curriculum and baby supplies. We could not keep our doors open without your faithful support!

Please choose a monthly giving level that is right for you

    • Single : 1 Coffee per week = $20 per month
    • Double: 2 Coffees per week = $40 per month
    • Red Eye: 3 Coffees per week = $60 per month
    • Daily Grind: 5 Coffees per week = $100 per month
    • Committed Coffee Junkie: 7 Coffees per week = $140 per month
Coffee Club payment options
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